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Should You Install a Variable Speed Swamp Cooler?

The harsh climatic conditions have left us no choice but to devise the best means of creating a comfortable indoor environment. It is always good to bear in mind, the fact that the sole objective of having to install a swamp cooler is mainly for our comfort, in addition to the various benefits swamp coolers have over conventional air conditioning systems. It is highly advisable to have a swamp cooler professional guide you through the installation process, demonstrating the features to be set out. Either way, it would be of value to now get a rough idea of what a variable speed swamp cooler is all about, how it works, and some of the benefits it provides in order to get your answer to the frequently asked question, should you install a variable speed swamp cooler? Read the pointers below for some inspiration.

How a Variable Speed Swamp Cooler Works

With the other types of swamp coolers, flipping the power switch cranks up your equipment to full throttle from the start, you have little to no control of the speed. Variable speed evaporated coolers are equipped with frequency drives that help to regulate the speed at which you want your equipment to operate. This ensures that your unit slowly builds up speed from the moment you turn it on. With the conventional fan motors in swamp coolers, you are basically out of control with the mode of speed you would want your unit to run. Variable speed swamp coolers run at different speeds, giving you better control of the speeds at which air flows throughout your home.

Reasons to Install a Variable Speed Swamp Cooler

#1  Reduced Wear and Tear

Instead of your unit powering up to full speed right from the moment you turn on the unit, you are guaranteed of steady climaxing moderate speeds with a variable speed swamp cooler. This results in a reduction in wear and tear on your equipment. The variable speed swamp coolers are more gentle and smoother when running.

#2  Automation

With the advance in technology, variable speed swamp coolers will monitor data from your heating and cooling system, making automatic adjustments that are necessary for regulating the amount of air circulated. This means that the equipment pumps just the right amount of air for your home’s desired comfort levels.

#3  High Performance & Energy Efficiency

Velocity or speed of air also affects the unit’s efficiency and performance. Variable speed swamp coolers generally perform better and are cost effective, especially when it comes to your electricity bills. This is because they use only about 2/3 less electricity as compared to conventional models. When in cooling mode, they will gain about 1 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. What this means, is that your utility bills will be lower since the higher the SEER, the lower utility bills and the more efficient the swamp cooler.

#4  User-Friendly Cooling Equipment

Most of the variable speed swamp coolers have been supplied with LED display keypads which are easier to use. The adjusting of the acceleration time, deceleration time and full load currents on the parameters is clearly indicated. You can easily analyze the behavior of your system by interfering with the serial communication ports through your personal computer.

One of the main aspects when it comes to installing a swamp cooler in your home is, make sure you understand the equipment better. All this technology is meant to improve o our lives. Ensure you are well acquainted with the instruction manuals and it is always better to have a professional help you in putting things into perspective. Whenever approaching the installation of a variable speed swamp cooler, there are occupational health and safety issues to put into consideration.