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Top 5 Reasons To Choose Swamp Cooler Installation

Evaporative coolers are typically referred to as swamp coolers. They vary in shapes and sizes, and are geared to ensuring an improved indoor cooling solution for homeowners who don’t want, or can’t have central air conditioning.. In comparison to using conventional air conditioning systems for cooling your home, installing a swamp cooler comes with a number of advantages, including affordability, energy efficiency, and eco-friendliness, just to name some of the benefits of evaporative coolers. Especially if you come from a hot and dry region, below are some of the top 5 reasons to install an evaporative cooler in your home.

1.  Swamp Coolers Are Environmental Friendly

When it comes to the environment, swamp coolers are more eco-friendly, in that they do not produce emissions that harm our environment. With the knowledge of the health implications damaged ozone can cause, it is safe to say that the natural process used by the swamp coolers requires no ozone harming pollutants or any other harmful chemicals. The air leaving an evaporative cooler will not dry the air in your home as has been the case with the traditional air conditioners. Swamp coolers do not emit carbon monoxide. When large amounts of this gas are released to the atmosphere, it can cause negative effects on our environment.

2.  Lots of Clean Fresh Airflow

“One of the main reasons homeowners in Denver choose us for swamp cooler installation over another company that only does central air conditioning is that coolers maintain a steady flow of fresh air into your home,” according to the Evaporative Cooling Manager at Altitude Comfort. With proper ventilation, you are ensured of breathing unrecycled air. Swamp coolers use the natural process of water evaporation to cool your home. With the provision of ample ventilation, your indoor air quality is well maintained because of the constant circulation. With evaporative coolers, chances of breathing in the stagnant air are few; the constant circulation ensures the air you breathe is free from bacterial and fungal concentration. Clean fresh air gives you an overall healthy experience.

3.  Health Reasons

Nothing is more important to anyone out there than a clean bill of health. For as much as comfort is an underlying factor when purchasing any type of air conditioner, we should also be conscious of our health. Having already known that swamp coolers are environmentally friendly, it would resonate that they are also health friendly. The wet pads in the evaporative filters if well maintained would be very helpful in trapping airborne contaminants. Swamp coolers help you breathe easier especially in hot dry areas because they increase humidity in the dry air. With evaporative cooling, you are assured of fewer, if any allergic attacks.

4. Swamp Coolers Are Easy To Maintain With Low Operational Costs

By installing a modern swamp cooler, you will have cut down on unnecessary operation costs. The energy used with this type of cooler is the electricity needed to power the pump and the fan unit. In return, this ensures the utility bill is down by 75%. Also, the maintenance aspect is fairly cheap and not complicated. You will also realize that hiring a professional in the maintenance of your unit is going to be relatively cheap. You can also make your swamp cooler more efficient using these strategies.

5. Comparable Installation Costs

Last but not least, swamp coolers can be somewhat cheaper to replace, and for first time installations the cost is comparable in comparison to most other cooling systems such as central air conditioners.